Moving to WordPress

A while back I was flirting with the idea of moving to WordPress but never took the plunge and crossed over. I preferred WordPress over Blogger for a number of reasons, in particular the commenting system which is not only far prettier than bloggers horrible pop-up box business but is also more secure from spammers. The main disadvantage I found with was that I couldn’t edit the CSS without paying for the privilege and I also had to pay to use my domain name.

Yesterday, I attended WordCamp Melbourne and that got me all excited about blogging and wordpress again so I’ve decided to front up the (fairly insignificant) cash to buy my upgrades and be done with it.

So, welcome to my new and (hopefully) improved blog. Perhaps I may even write in it 🙂

A Year of Blogging

When I looked at the date the other day, I was rather startled to discover that it was April. Yes, I know a little behind the curveball; but nevertheless, In my state of confusion, you know ‘where did the year go,’ ‘what has it amounted to’ that sort of thing, I had a little look through my archives and discovered that today is my blogs one year anniversary. Hooray!

I started out blogging intending to post my wisdom (check), recipes?!? and random thoughts (double check). I really had no idea what blogging would amount to. I was only doing it because Cam and Rich made me feel guilty in their rant about how everyone should have a blog, contribution to society etc. Now, I’m involved in a community. A community which is full of intelligent, articulate and altogether wonderful people.

I’m more confident, I’m more aware of current affairs, my writing skills haven’t diminished quite as much as they would have, had I not been writing all this time.

So thankyou to everyone for putting up with the less than consistent style and content of my writing. Thanks to everyone who commented, or gave me advice. Thanks particularly to Cam and Rich for getting me into this, and to Urbaer, Scienta, and everyone else who have dropped the occasional comment.

A Break

For the past week uni has been one late night frantically finishing an assignment after another. Fortunately (for a couple of weeks anyway) the worst of it is over. So I may actually be able to fit some blogging into my demanding schedule.

I’ve been trying to work out what the purpose of my blog is. At the moment its pretty much a series of opinion pieces strung together with a whole lot of minor updates to my life and lets be frank, my life isn’t particularly interesting to anyone outside my immediate family and friendship group and I tend to live in the hope that no one in my family will google me.

I just can’t think of anything specific I have to offer to the universe at the moment. I can think of stuff I might have to offer in the future but not right now. So I guess I will go on with using blogging as an outlet for my otherwise totally unutilised writing skills and hope that some pearls of wisdom emerge to help someone out.

8 months of blogging

I just realised that I’ve been blogging fairly regularly for 8 months now. I know it would have been better to wait until a year or to have done the whole 6 months thing but I didn’t notice when I got to 6 months and I’ll probably forget when it gets to a year so I’m doing it now.

I really enjoy blogging. I’ve excitedly watched my daily hit count steadily rise. I was thrilled when I became the first hit on google for Miriam Parkinson (and the second… and the third…) I have become more confident about participating on other blogs etc. I’ve met a bunch of cool people through the TPN dinner and suchlike that I would have NEVER thought I could go to before. I’m even seriously considering doing a sort of cooking show vidcast thing! (Without the gimp mask Cam)

Which brings me to some thankyous.

Richard Giles: You were my introduction to TPN (and independent podcasts in general) through The Gadget Show. You may be somewhat quieter than Cam (though I think most people are) but I still miss you from G’day World. My sister was just saying the other day that you seemed to have a grounding effect on G’day World and stopped Cam from going too much into crazy rant mode. You were 50% of my inspiration to start blogging in the first place so thanks heaps and good luck with your startup.

Cameron Reilly: TPN has a ridiculously strong influence on my life. Almost all of my non-tv based entertainment comes from TPN and I’ve found the shows to be in equal parts entertaining and inspiring. You’re a seriously cool and inspiring guy (even if you are an arsehole and a pervert) and I’ve done a lot of stuff and thought about doing a lot of stuff I never would have dreamed of if it weren’t for you and TPN. Also, you were the other 50% of my inspiration to start blogging again and I promise I’ll come on G’day world eventually. Thanks Dude!

I also thank everyone who reads my blog and particularly those who have commented. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a thrill I get out of having people comment on what I have to say.

Anyways this is a bit of a crazy random post but I like to give credit where credit’s due.

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