HET228 & HET225 Notes

Because the lecturer doesn’t have written notes available and because it is very easy for me to upload my handwritten notes from class here. I will try to keep this page up to date as we go through the lectures.

Monday 10th August: Lecture 1

Tuesday 11th August: Lecture 2

Monday 17th August: Lecture 3

Tuesday 18th August: Lecture 4

Monday 31st August: Lecture 7

Tuesday 1st September: Lecture 8

Monday 7th September: Lecture 9

Tuesday 8th September: Lecture 10

Monday 14th September: Lecture 11

Tuesday 15th Sepetember: Lecture 12

Monday 28th September: Lecture 13

Tuesday 29th September: Lecture 14

Monday 8th October: Lecture 15

Tuesday 9th October: Lecture 16

Monday 12th October: Lecture 17

Tuesday 13th October: Lecture 18

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