A Break

For the past week uni has been one late night frantically finishing an assignment after another. Fortunately (for a couple of weeks anyway) the worst of it is over. So I may actually be able to fit some blogging into my demanding schedule.

I’ve been trying to work out what the purpose of my blog is. At the moment its pretty much a series of opinion pieces strung together with a whole lot of minor updates to my life and lets be frank, my life isn’t particularly interesting to anyone outside my immediate family and friendship group and I tend to live in the hope that no one in my family will google me.

I just can’t think of anything specific I have to offer to the universe at the moment. I can think of stuff I might have to offer in the future but not right now. So I guess I will go on with using blogging as an outlet for my otherwise totally unutilised writing skills and hope that some pearls of wisdom emerge to help someone out.

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