A curious fact

Since Cameron Reilly referenced me from his blog my daily hit rate has doubled. Gotta love that for causality which makes me consider the best ways to get people to read your blog.

  1. Stick the url in your signature and become an interesting person on various forums – tried that, not even nearly interesting enough.
  2. Tell all your friends about it – only gave me a slight increase in activity right at the start. They all went once but as they see me every day they don’t tend to be that interested in regularly reading my blog. Seems there’s only so much of my sharp wit and dazzling personality a person can take in one day.
  3. Link to people from your blog – actually works quite well. Its a well know fact that most bloggers are at least a little bit narcissistic so they all google themselves or at least check out who’s linking to them on technorati.
  4. Taunt people on your blog and then link to them – linking means they find you, taunting means they get sucked into a large scale blog argument – would probibly work quite well but I’m not quite that obnoxious and I would rather be known for something other than being a bitch.
  5. Starting a blog conversation with someone famous in the blogosphere. Actually did this somewhat accidentally but the second they post a reference to you… Bam!! 5min of fame. or so far in my case a 48 hour spike in page views. Hooray!

An explanation

Because the question was asked and because, whilst I do have better things to do with my time, I am disinclined to do them, I decided to write a short explanation of how Cameron Reilly and Richard whatsimmy – wait I’ll check – Richard Giles (I knew that) of TPN “inspired” me to start blogging again.

Firstly when I say ‘inspired’ I really mean ‘guilted’ because that was probably the defining emotion at the time.

It was a cold and blustery morning at Richmond Station as I waited for my train to uni. I was listening – as I tend to – to G’day World: episode 110 and Cam and Rich were talking about blogs – as they tend to. On this particular occasion they were talking about how many blogs were about and how many people don’t blog that ought to and how many inactive blogs there were et hoc genus omne. Then suddenly an icy feeling washed over my body, and whilst this was most likely due to the incredible windiness (is that even a word? Wait its in the spellcheck it must be) of Richmond station I like to think that it was my bodies response to a strong feeling of guilt… I had an inactive blog.

So quick-smart when I got home restarted my blog and I haven’t looked back (for the whole week its been up)

I now remember how much fun it is to blog. You get to rant and rave about anything you like and if people don’t like it they can just skip that post… If people read it at all.