A Year of Blogging

When I looked at the date the other day, I was rather startled to discover that it was April. Yes, I know a little behind the curveball; but nevertheless, In my state of confusion, you know ‘where did the year go,’ ‘what has it amounted to’ that sort of thing, I had a little look through my archives and discovered that today is my blogs one year anniversary. Hooray!

I started out blogging intending to post my wisdom (check), recipes?!? and random thoughts (double check). I really had no idea what blogging would amount to. I was only doing it because Cam and Rich made me feel guilty in their rant about how everyone should have a blog, contribution to society etc. Now, I’m involved in a community. A community which is full of intelligent, articulate and altogether wonderful people.

I’m more confident, I’m more aware of current affairs, my writing skills haven’t diminished quite as much as they would have, had I not been writing all this time.

So thankyou to everyone for putting up with the less than consistent style and content of my writing. Thanks to everyone who commented, or gave me advice. Thanks particularly to Cam and Rich for getting me into this, and to Urbaer, Scienta, and everyone else who have dropped the occasional comment.