calling caffeine addicts and programmers

Just a heads up that coles is selling four-packs of V for $5 at the moment. That’s roughly equivalent to 50% off so its well worth stocking up 🙂

Just be aware that some stores are already selling out so get in quick. The special officially runs until Sunday. If they do sell out keep in mind that you can get a rain check if you ask them but they will only allow one per customer so if you want to buy in bulk then you’ll need to hit a number of stores.

One thought on “calling caffeine addicts and programmers

  1. william October 25, 2006 / 9:03 am

    was on the V, but then i found XS energy from a friend, much heathly and does not yellow teeth as much, if you don’t know about the teeth thing, just work at Mc Donalds and see the colour of the managers who are on V change to yellow. And no, it was not the sugar in the products, thats been taken out because when i use to work there we can’t burn the buns anymore, when i start you could burn them with 5 sec over timer.


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