A really good day

I had one of those days where the world repays you for all the shit its thrown at you so far.

I woke up in the morning to discover that the lab report I was worried about had been done almost in its entirety by my group members.

I then headed out to go to uni and stopped on the way to get a couple of cans of red bull. In order to do this I had to cross Hoddle street without the aid of a pedestrian crossing (well the closest one was several hundred meters away!). This can be hard at the best of times but it was in the rush hour and there was construction work happening on the road. However, low and behold a construction worker with one of those stop/slow signs stopped the traffic so I could cross!

So I gave him a little wave and a smile and flitted happily across the road to my bus stop, only to discover that it was in the shade and freezing. So, I decided to walk up to the next one. Usually when I do this I end up missing the bus but this time the bus arrived just after I got to the bus stop.

Then, the train arrived just as I got on the platform.

So all in all a good morning.

This afternoon I went and had an explore of my new neighbourhood and I love it! Its all pretty and there are lots of trees and some really good shops nearby for fresh food and other stuff.

Then I headed back to my new house in order to clean it before all the furniture and stuff arrives (I cant bear the idea of other peoples dirty ickiness in the house). My day has been so good that not even exhaustion after three solid hours of cleaning can kill my good mood!

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