250 Visitors

Well so says my stat counter anyways.

I havent had much to say for myself this weekend as I’ve been rather busy and strangely tired. I fell asleep in front of the tv at 8pm last night which took away from my learning about stuff and blogging time quite a bit.

Anyways I’ll make an attempt at thinking of something interesting to say tomorrow but at the moment my brain is on holidays somewhere and it didnt invite me so I’m in a bad mood at it.

One thought on “250 Visitors

  1. CW May 22, 2006 / 10:50 pm

    Tell em about how you lost the plug for the kitchen sink and spent half an hour looking for it and you couldn’t find it and you got all frustrated and weirded out and the kettle growled at you and then the plug was stuck to the bottom of a plate which you found when you were washing it!


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