Let’s hope my head doesn’t explode

After some (time wasting) research I’ve identified some things which may help my concentration

  1. Fish Oil – Apparently omega-3 can help with ADD
  2. Ginko – This is notorious for its concentration-boosting properties
  3. Caffeine – Now this is the slightly worrying bit… I just drank instant coffee so concentrated that it could rouse a tranquilised elephant.
  4. Berroca – I remember someone saying that Vit B was good too… or more, lack of vit B was bad.

Apparently 100mg of caffeine is equivalent to 5mg ritalin which; coincidence of all coincidences; is the dosage of ritalin I normally take.
Instant coffee is reported to have 60-100mg of caffeine so I have somewhere between 120 and 200 mg in my system…

Lets hope this works…

One thought on “Let’s hope my head doesn’t explode

  1. Cam May 19, 2006 / 9:17 pm

    well that explains why you are our only female listener then. perhaps my marketing campaign should be to find girls who had ADD?


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