HET225 (Electrical Machines) and HET228 (Electrical Actuators and Sensors) Notes

I’m doing Electrical Actuators and Sensors again this semester after very sensibly deciding to fail last time.

As the lecturer has been saying that he’ll try to put something up on blackboard for at least 3 years I don’t hold a lot of hope. As a result I am publishing the notes that I take in class so that any students who miss a class for whatever reason can catch up.

I should add that I’m a much better student now than I was 3 years ago when I failed. My notes will be accurate to what is on the board and also contain annotations from what is said in class 🙂

You can find these notes by clicking on the HET225 & HET228 Notes tab.  I will try to stay as up to date as possible.

*Wave* At My New Ventures Classmates!

I just finished my first New Ventures tute and given we’ve been sent off to Google each other a number of them will be visiting my blog shortly.

So hello, welcome. Feel free to have a poke around, you will leave in very little doubt about how I tick. My earlier posts are far more entertaining than my later posts because I temporarily lost my sense of humor during IBL but other than that it’s chock full of ranting and the occasional insight.

I will be Googling a number of you shortly. It should be entertaining. I have already Googled our tutor and as it turns out I have 5 common friends with her on facebook, only one of which is a uni related friend. Guess that’s what comes of hanging out with too many entrepreneurs! This exercise has reminded me to get off my butt and start adding people I know on LinkedIn because logic says she should be a 2nd degree separation with me and she’s 3rd which means my network has big fat gaping holes in it.

I guess we’ll see whether I discover any similar unexpected links with my classmates 🙂