*Wave* At My New Ventures Classmates!

I just finished my first New Ventures tute and given we’ve been sent off to Google each other a number of them will be visiting my blog shortly.

So hello, welcome. Feel free to have a poke around, you will leave in very little doubt about how I tick. My earlier posts are far more entertaining than my later posts because I temporarily lost my sense of humor during IBL but other than that it’s chock full of ranting and the occasional insight.

I will be Googling a number of you shortly. It should be entertaining. I have already Googled our tutor and as it turns out I have 5 common friends with her on facebook, only one of which is a uni related friend. Guess that’s what comes of hanging out with too many entrepreneurs! This exercise has reminded me to get off my butt and start adding people I know on LinkedIn because logic says she should be a 2nd degree separation with me and she’s 3rd which means my network has big fat gaping holes in it.

I guess we’ll see whether I discover any similar unexpected links with my classmates 🙂

One thought on “*Wave* At My New Ventures Classmates!

  1. Kendal March 5, 2009 / 9:22 pm

    Found your blog… wasn’t very hard.
    Interesting the pushups and situps thing as I have been doing my own version the last few months by starting out small and doing one extra per day. I kinda stopped at about 70 pushups and 120 situps as it seems like a good level to maintain doing basically every second day.
    I just tried the 100 challenge and did it with a short rest half way.

    I was wondering do you have the texts books from Machine Dynamics 2 and are you interested in selling them or loaning if you want to keep them?
    send me an email: kendal(at)whoever.com


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