Yes, I Still Exist

Hello loyal readers (yes I mean you Naomi).

I’ve been rather quiet over the past… year. I’d like to say that it is because I’ve been terribly busy building record breaking Rubik’s Cube robots but it’s mostly because I’ve been terribly lazy, taken up World of Warcraft (I’m sure the fact that that happened a year ago has nothing to do with it), and I’ve not really gotten around to it.

So, while I’m here, a quick update.

I never ended up doing the half-marathon last year as I managed to sprain my ankle in training and I’ve not really gotten back into running since. This is something I plan to fix once this blasted semester is over.

I’ve continued my love of snowboarding despite breaking my back after attempting a jump I really shouldn’t have (only a compression fracture in a few vertebrae mind). Since the accident I’ve fully recovered and gone on to tackle black runs in Falls Creak and Hakuba, Japan.

I completed my final year project with great success, only a few sleepless nights and just the one major argument amongst the team that threatened to derail the project. The outcome of the project was a Rubik’s Cube solving robot called Ruby that is a strong contender for a world record.

In the meantime I’ve been studying, working, tutoring Database Analysis and Design and playing WoW. The combination of these four have kept me pretty busy.

I’m now in exams for my final semester, I have a graduate job lined up at Deloitte Online and I’m pretty excited to put uni behind me for a while and venture out into the big bad world!

So, now that everyone is up to speed. I’ll see whether I can get back into this blogging thing 🙂

One thought on “Yes, I Still Exist

  1. Zooba June 8, 2011 / 6:03 pm

    I’m here too, that is, as long as the RSS feed keeps working.


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