Great Ocean Road Half-Marathon


On the 16th May I am planning to run the Great Ocean Road Half-Marathon. The GOR Half-Marathon is actually 23km long (rather than the usual 21.1) so it could more accurately be called the Great Ocean Road 54.5% Marathon and I plan to spend the last 1.9km swearing and shaking my fists at the organisers for prolonging my torture.

When I did my first half-marathon (at the Melbourne Marathon) I was woefully unprepared (I didn’t run for 3 weeks before the race) and very, very slow. This time, I’ve seen the course, I know EXACTLY how far a half-marathon is, and as I couldn’t help but notice that the Great Ocean Road was a little hilly I know that this time I need to train. So, since last week marked 18 weeks until the marathon I have started my training. [Edit: this is the part where I admit that I wrote this first bit on the 21st January and never got around to finishing it]

I have decided to go for the FIRST (Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training) Half-Marathon Training schedule which involves three runs a week as I have no intention of running 5 days a week. The first run is interval training (speed work), the second run is a mid-distance/speed tempo run, and the third is a slower long run. This running schedule is then supported by cross-training and strength work on the non-running days. [Edit: thus ends the bit I wrote on the 21st]

I’ve now been training for this race for 7 weeks or so. I’ve averaged more like 2 runs a week, but I’m still going way better than last time, and on Saturday last week a ran 15km only 10s a km slower than my goal pace despite falling over and smacking my knee once and falling over and spraining my ankle later in the run. It’s early days but I think I’m on track for a goal time of 2hrs 30min on race day.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road Half-Marathon

  1. Naomi February 28, 2010 / 2:26 pm

    You’re amazing! Well done with all of this…. my very own sister, the 54.5% Marathon runner.

    I think it’d sound more impressive if you called it the 104.5% Half Marathon though.


  2. Naomi Parkinson June 8, 2010 / 3:42 pm

    Dear Miriam Parkinson

    Whilst I appreciate your keen running ability, I feel that your blog has become dangerously out of date. Not only has the time for your goals expired (this I am assuming), but you’ve failed to note your withdrawl from the Half-Marathon.
    How can I use your blog to procrastinate from study when it reflects nothing of your present day-to-day life.

    Your fondest reader,


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