101 Goals in 1001 Days – 2009

2009 is well and truely over and this occasion calls for a 101 Goals update.

Completed Goals

8. Read 1984 and Animal Farm (2/2)

13. Give blood

14. Attend a family Christmas

16. Cook a 3 course meal for a friend

22. Visit Dad in Canberra

28v2. Run a half-marathon in the melbourne marathon

40. Organise all my files on both computers and ext hard drive (3/3)

41. Own 5 pieces of jewellery that I love (5/5)

42. Remove all ipod tracks I don’t like

51. Go indoor rock climbing

52. Go to Melbourne museum

53. Go to Moonlight cinema

54. Go to the art gallery

55. Organise, prepare food for and go on a picnic

56. See 25 greatest films as voted by IMDB (25/25)

66. Do makeup every morning for a month (30/30)

73. Complete a 4km race

74. Complete an 8km race

75. Do 25 consecutive men’s’ push-ups (best 25/25)

78. Finish in the top 50% in a 4km run

81. Average over 80 in uni classes

82. Do career relevant work

84. Get a high distinction

86. Get above 90% on 5 assignments/tests (5/5)

94. Go to the gold coast to visit Victoria

99. Go overseas

101. See a Cirque Du Soleil show

So that’s 27/101 goals complete. May need to speed up a little!

Goals in Progress

1. Create photo tour of my workspace for blog

4. Upload 250 photos to flickr (139/250)

9. Read 50 non-fiction books (10/50)

  • Anais Ninn’s In Favour of the Sensitive Man and Other Essays
  • 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief, Lewis Wolpert
  • Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong, Marc Hauser
  • The Ghost Map, Steven Johnston
  • The Book of Dead Philosophers, Simon Critchley
  • The Zookeepers Wife, Diane Ackerman
  • 1788, Watkin Tench
  • The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker
  • How to Become a Straight A Student, Cal Newport
  • The Brain that Changes Itself, Norman Doidge

11. Read a book by Dostoevesky

17. Give 10 unexpected gifts (2/10)

20. Put all birthdays and anniversaries in my calendar

26. Get new glasses

27. Go to 25 spin classes (6/25)

30. Go to 5 conferences/unconferences (2/5)

33. Do 5 brutal cleanouts of unnecessary clutter (1/5)

43. Sell/give away all clothing that I don’t love

46. Try 50 new recipes (20/50)

47. Watch the sun rise 10 times (2/10)

50. Go camping 5 times (2/5)

58. Write monthly updates of 101 progress (10/33)

59. Maintain a monthly closing balance of $0 on credit card (6/33)

65. Do a weekly review every week for a year (0/52)

67. Dress up at least once a month (5/33)

72. Create blog template

90. Build an emergency fund of 2 months pay

92. Go on a girly trip with my best friend

95. Go to the snow with my sister

22/101 goals in progress. That leaves 52 goals that I haven’t even started…

2 thoughts on “101 Goals in 1001 Days – 2009

  1. Matthew Ross January 19, 2010 / 1:42 pm

    Nice list Miriam – good luck with completing it….but I didn’t notice any financial goals, such as:

    1) Have a financial plan in place
    2) Ensure that I am making the most of my money
    3) Donate to charity
    4) Organise my superannuation fund so that it’s low cost and invested in the right manner for me.
    5) Ensure I have enough personal insurances in place (top of the list: trauma insurance)
    6) Create a budget and review it each quarter

    Perhaps these can be considered for your next 101 goals!


  2. Naomi February 9, 2010 / 3:08 pm

    1. Feel free to buy me an unexpected gift.
    2. Yay for the snow!!!!

    Love Nay


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