People from school know me as being LOUD. I always used to be confident, talkative, flirtatious (ok well I’m still flirtatious) and out there. I would debate with people for the hell of it, I was totally open with my thoughts and opinions, I was comfortable talking with different people from all walks of life. So why the fuck am I so damned shy now!

I mean my yearbook comment (from Tors) was “leave it to Mim to be outrageous and proud of it – is that rope burn?” does that sound like the type of comment that would be written about a quiet reserved girl?

Even at the TPN dinner last year where I met most of my regular readers the general consensus was that I seemed to be much louder on my blog than I was in person. Actually as far as that’s concerned I want to put the record straight. The loud Miriam who was talking about pole-dancing nurses and Angelina Jolie. That was the normal Miriam, not a drunk Miriam. Half the reason why I was so quiet to start off with was that Cam intimidates the hell out of me, and there was a huge group of new people for me to meet.

Anyway I think the key to this change is Colin. I’ve always been a little shy. But I warmed to people so fast that they’d never believe that I was shy when I told them. Now I’ve become so accustomed to clinging onto Colin for dear life during the initial introduction that I’ve never come out of my shell properly.

So I guess what I really need to do is to try to fend for myself a bit next time we’re out. I don’t want to fold in on myself entirely!

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