Brad’s 21st

I had a costume party to attend on Friday. I ordered off ebay a lovely french-maids outfit for the occasion about a month ago. Unfortunately the costume is arriving on Monday! So, having arrived at home at 5.30pm and discovered that I didn’t have a costume I had to find something suitable from my wardrobe.
I came up with a sort of punk look, with some ridiculously high (as in 10cm high) platform heeled boots which gave me stress-fractures and disaster was averted. Colin wore a set of racing leathers which looked cool even if they were really hot and uncomfortable to stand in.

Anyway here are some pictures to amuse yourself with. Unfortunately Colin got bored of taking pictures fairly early in the night so there aren’t many of them.

A bunch of partygoers including some who couldn't be arsed with costumes

Brad making a fabulous pirate

Brad and Dre dressed as brad
Dre dressed as brad… with brad

Colin, looking dashing in his fluorescent yellow and black racing leathers

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