fallAssist blog is up

The blog for Naomi’s HSC Design and Technology major work is up and running. There hasn’t been much recent activity as we’ve been waiting for the end of term 4 to get stuck into it but things should be heating up shortly. We’ll be including everything from diagrams of the basic design through to videos of prototype testing as it happens.

The design work is all Naomi’s brilliance however I’ll be providing technical advice and teaching her how do design the control system so I’ll have a pretty steady involvement in the whole process.

The device Naomi is designing is a fall alert system for the elderly aimed at reducing the time it takes for help to reach elderly persons living away from nursing homes in the event of a fall.
She hopes that this will give piece of mind to the families and allow the elderly to remain as independent as possible.

Anyway I hope you all check it out!


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