I just nearly got hit by a car.

I’ve been in a kinda numb mood today and I’ve been pretty much travelling on autopilot all day. I really really shouldn’t leave the house when I’m on autopilot because I forgot to look out for cars when leaving a bakery and was literally one step from being hit by a car travelling at 60km/h in what I’m pretty sure was a 40km/h zone because I’ve never seen a car going above 40k down that street.

The driver saw me start to cross the street, didn’t even bother to slow down and just beeped his/her horn when I was around a foot away from the car. I heard the horn and stopped mid stride, turning to see the car fly past me. Literally one second delay in my response and I would have been squished.

At least I don’t feel numb anymore. After making it home in a state of shock I bawled my eyes out for about 15min, dry-retched a bit and now all I want to do is sleep.

One thought on “Shaken

  1. Anonymous November 11, 2006 / 6:18 pm

    This has nearly happened to me. I stepped off a pavement and felt my dad’s hand pressing into my chest to stop me from going farther and was confusing and then a bus flashed by like lightning. I was stunned, shocked. It’s worrying to realize death could be so close.I hope you feel better soon and benefit from the experience. 🙂


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