Playing the guitar and other diversions

I’m starting to learn that if I want to survive study for exams I need to do stuff other than study every now and then.

So I have been playing the guitar 🙂

Only problem is I don’t play that regularly so now my fingers are really red and sore and I’m not as good as I’d like to be. Being the perfectionist that I am I get frustrated at myself if I can’t play a Brian May solo within an hour of having a look at it. Never mind the fact that I’m having trouble finding the cords fast enough to play the rest of the song I want to be able to play ridiculously hard solos… NOW…

Maybe I should stick to the piano – which I would do if I had one! Grrr!
Not having a piano is starting to drive me insane. I haven’t had regular access to one in two years! And no I’m not going to get a pissy little electronic keyboard. You can’t play Chopin on an electronic keyboard!

…Other good diversions include playing Vegas-Style Solitaire. I like the extra element of difficulty. Anyways back to studying for my Embedded Microcontrollers exam on Wednesday.

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