TPN Dinner (again, only less rambling)

Well last night I posted a rather intoxicated report on the TPN Dinner and I promised to post something else today… So…

I was really nervous when I arrived because meeting a large group of strangers scares me a little… As did Cam… Nah actually he’s not that much more crazy than me I’m just better at hiding the crazy when I first meet people. You have to lull them into a false sense of security first see 🙂

I pretty much don’t drink being that I’m too busy panicking over the work that I should have been doing when I was reorganising my pens and checking my email to go out most nights… That and the fact that I’m an impoverished student living with someone who isn’t accustomed to eating two minute noodles to pay for the alcohol supply.


The upshot of this is that the sake Cam insisted we all drink hit me like a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick and I sort of turned into…. me… except without the crazy filter. So anyone who was there got to see the me my friends see… Hooray for you!

So the general consensus was that the evening was highly amusing and I will definitely be attending any future TPN events that I can…

And about that whole gimp mask vidcast thingy….. Maybe… If I’m in a really brave mood.

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