Ah… I seem to have made an impression of sorts

judging by this post by Urbaer anyway:

I’m sure Cam will post the video, the conversation went from “What event in the 90’s instigated an increase in bi-sexaulity in females” to somewhere very far away from that… well probably not too far away from that. Did you know that Sydney private schools do plays that involve nurses pole dancing and simulated sex?

Me and my big mouth…. Oops 🙂


And I also met Miriam who… probably did mean what she promised

Errm… What did I promise exactly?? I was pretty sure I made a point of not making any promises and just giving vague maybes…

For the record… I wasnt as drunk as I looked… no really 🙂 Just drunk enough to be me in front of a whole bunch of strangers.

I have an idea for a show… get a bunch of girls together, feed them alcohol and then ask them to confirm or deny various male rumours about girls.
It has the added bonus that there’s a reasonable chance of some girl on girl action happening every now and again.

Hmm maybe I should do some filming during my trip to sydney next week… could be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Ah… I seem to have made an impression of sorts

  1. urbaer September 15, 2006 / 3:15 pm

    Erm… does sound interesting 🙂


  2. Cameron Reilly September 15, 2006 / 4:26 pm

    what happens on tour stay on tour Mizza. I’m not posting anything you said. Only Father bob’s mad rant about Turing. But I did order a gimp mask and a violet wand today…


  3. miriam September 15, 2006 / 5:25 pm

    Firstly I don’t want to know what you get up to in your spare time, and secondly as drunk as I sounded its nothing I wouldn’t have said to anyone who asked… Besides do you think I’d dance around on stage in a nurses outfit which was rearranged so that I was more out of it than in, at an all boys school if I was worried about my reputation 🙂


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