My New Toy

!!!!!I have a Tungsten T5!!!!!

As you might be able to tell I’m rather exited about this! Colin gave it to me the other day and given they’ve been discontinued and sold out across the country he must have gone to a lot of effort to get his hands on one.
Apparently he even got up at 5am to bid on one which closed at 5.20am but some other git beat him to it (Isn’t he the worlds best boyfriend???)
Its an ex-demo model which is fine by me as its in very good condition and I don’t have to settle for a TX (yuk!)

I’ve already found a whole lot of handy-dandy little applications to make my life run smoother. These include

  • Splash shopper – good for shopping lists, and calorie counters and wishlists etc
  • Splash money – so I can keep track of my spending, it shows several accounts and allows you to track deposits, withdrawals, transfers, budgets and a basic what I’m spending on what, where.
  • Several games
  • eReader
  • PalmPDF

and various other goodies.

Unfortunately as I haven’t get gotten around to buying a case for it, it currently lives in a sock so it doesn’t get scratched (I do have the flipcover on but that only protects the face)

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