I love podcasts

I’ve realised today why podcasts are absolutely fantastic… They give me the opportunity to know everything before Colin. Occasionally he even incorrectly corrects me which is even more delicious. Then I know exactly where to find my corroborating evidence and 1 point to me, zero points to Colin…

Typical conversation now goes:

C – apple have a hifi for their Ipod now
M – I know, I heard about it on the Geeks of Hazzard last month – apparently its crap.
C – annoyed noises because I outgeeked him.

I was also recently right about what web 2.0 was. Lots of fun watching his face when he saw several websites agreeing with what I was saying.

So three cheers for podcasts and way they make me effortlessly knowledgeable about current affairs in the tech world.

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