Bragging Rights

I’ve decided I have bragging rights because

  1. I used the internet for the first time in 1994 – When I was 7.
  2. I’ve experienced the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the order it was produced ie Radio series, book, tv series, movie.
  3. I thought the HHGG radio series was the best thing since sliced bread when I was 5.

I have a feeling my dad brought me up to be a geek.

incidentally my first programming experience was at 11, writing a program in applescript which beeped incessantly at different volumes and then had a repeat program on the end and made it a startup item on my sisters computer. The computer couldn’t handle running the program and making it stop through the traditional method at the same time so it would always crash when she tried.
In the end I had to show her how to get rid of it.

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