Its been a couple of days and the more cohesive post that I promised hasn’t surfaced; however, Colin and I have been having a couple of chats about MODM (Melbourne Online Digital Media) and where it could go so there is potential for some form of useful contribution in the future.

Cam, was clearly going to a different party to the one I was… Or perhaps it’s just that my poor mind (which I must admit is fairly suggestible) was so shocked by what was going on around me that it just blocked it out and made something else up to fill the gap.
btw Cam, Colin and I are not ‘just bloggers’, firstly Colin isn’t a blogger at all; more importantly we have a couple of projects in the works, ready to get properly started as soon as this confounded university semester is finished.

The blogging is just an outlet for my otherwise completely unutilised writing skills which, interestingly, seem to be diminishing at rate which is inversely proportional to the frequency at which I read Douglas Adams. Who would have thought that everything I know about writing I learned from HHGG.

Back on topic, I think there is some real potential for a bit of useful networking, support, advice etc with this MODM community. I look forward to seeing where we take it in the future.

MODM Drinks

Just got home after the MODM drinks night. Had a fabulous time as I always seem to with the Cam, Urbaer, Scienta etc group. I’ll post something more cohesive in the morning, but thanks to everybody and I wholeheartedly support any proposition for future MODM drinkies nights.