Cute Baby Pic

Check out the cute pic of me my mother emailed me the other day. That was the year that my grandparents gave me a Baby Alive doll. Its actually pretty weird to see the transformation of the Baby Alive doll. Looking back at some ads it appears it started with a lever on its back to make it look like it was eating. Mine did it automagically! And more importantly she pooped!

Edit: J. Godsey kindly fixed up the borked colour in my baby photo caused by fading over time. Thankyou so much!

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Diary of a Tattoo

Weekend before last I got my first tattoo…
A barcode on the back of the neck

So, in the spirit of sharing. Here’s a photo essay of sorts 🙂

But, before I start

  1. No it didn’t hurt – Felt like a cross between a sharp scratch with, say, a pine needle, and when you get too close to a sparkler.
  2. I got a barcode because I wanted to
  3. Yes the numbers do mean something, bonus points if you can guess the significance.
  4. I dont know whether it will scan yet, I havent tried. Although its not UPC so it wouldnt scan on normal scanners anyway.

So now that 4 of the 5 standard questions have been answered (the first seems to be is it real?)

Diary of A Tattoo – A Story in Photos by Miriam Parkinson
Can you tell I’ve had too much caffeine today??

The Naked NeckFirst the design was transferred onto my neck.

The Printed Transfer

The process finally begins

The first touch of the needle

Halfway done… I’ll admit it hurt a little bit more on the nobbly bits… And when he went over the thicker lines to fill them out.

Halfway done

Immediately after it was finished… Kinda blurry because Colin took it with a camera phone and they dont really do close up.

Finished Product - Immediately after

It felt like a bad sunburn by now… And its all 3d like when you scratch yourself on something and get that raised red bit. Also excess ink is coming out.

Red and Sore. First Night

And the Final Product…

The finished Tattoo


I’ve just returned from a weekend away with Colin in Bright. I had a fabulous time especially given I saw snow for the first time in 10 years and I saw a frozen over lake for the first time. Given I shrieked with excitement when I saw a frozen puddle, this was an amazing experience for me and of course I took about 50 photos with my camera phone 🙂 So here are a couple of my favorites taken from Lake Catani in Mt Buffalo National Park.

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