101 Goals – Update 1

So far this 101 goals lark is going great. I’ve already completed a couple of goals and I’m working towards several more.

Completed Goals:

51. Go indoor rock-climbing

I went indoor rock-climbing with my sister and Michael a couple of weekends ago. Loads of fun, despite having absolutely no upper-body strength πŸ™‚

54. Go to the art gallery

The art gallery trip was my first completed goal. Got that one out of the way on a rainy Melbourne weekend.

Semi-Completed Goals:

4. Upload 250 photos to flickr (10/250)

8. Read 1984 and Animal Farm (1/2)

Finished Animal Farm on the plane to Sydney two weekends ago

9. Read 50 Nonfiction Books (1/50)

Finished Anais Ninn’s In Favour of the Sensitive Man and Other Essays

46. Try 50 new Recipes (3/50)

Pork with Tomato and Caper Sauce

Protein Bars

Mechoui (Morroccan Roasted Lamb)

56. See 25 Greatest Films as Voted by IMDB (11/25)

The Dark Knight

Pulp Fiction

One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest

Star Wars: Episode V


12 Angry Men

Star Wars

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings

Fight Club

Dr Strangelove

58. Write Monthly Updates of 101 Progress (1/33)

59. Maintain Monthly Closing Balance of $0 on credit card (1/33)

66. Do makeup every morning for a month (19/33)

67. Dress up at least once a month (1/33)

Next month I plan to sort through my clothing and jewellry. Do a brutal cleanout of clutter. Complete my makeup every day goal and move on to another sustain x for x period goal πŸ™‚

I’ll also chuck in a few more movies and books for good measure.

One thought on “101 Goals – Update 1

  1. colbsi September 29, 2008 / 11:14 pm

    I am doing 100 things before I turn 30 dealio. Kinda like 101 goals in 1001 days. But different and I like how I can take my time with things on it. πŸ™‚


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