The wagon

I’m realising that its hard to get back into blogging when you stop for a while. I’ve made several starts over the past couple of weeks but haven’t actually finished a blog post. I keep on feeling like I have nothing to say.

Anyway things have been fairly busy in this part of the world recently. I’m a week off halfway through my semester at uni and the workload is huge. I’m back into a proper programming subject again which I’m glad for. I almost would have liked to do a pure programming course but then all the IT subjects have their low points, for instance databases 101 (or its equivalent) which has a 60% fail rate simply because its boring as bat shit.

I seem to get a huge sense of satisfaction from programming. There’s something about writing a whole lot of instructions, pressing play and having the computer do what you want it to which is really satisfying particularly if you had to think really hard and learn new stuff in order to do it.

I’m also enjoying Machine Dynamics 2 because I had my first test the other day and actually fully understood the material. Maths is fun when you get it and like pulling teeth when you don’t.

Control and Automation is my least favorite subject. Its certainly the hardest but I’m starting to figure out what’s happening there too. The main problem is lecturer headaches. She’s lovely as a person but simply pisses me off with her teaching style!

Finally I have Machine Design which is a whole lot of fun. Its one of those subjects where you take all that stuff you’ve been learning for the past two years and actually apply it.

So that’s the playing field at the moment. I’m hoping for a straight run of distinctions or higher which would make it my best semester so far but I may as well shoot for the stars 🙂

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