It pays to be observant

On Friday night I went to Swinburne’s ‘Welcome Back Party’. I headed home alone fairly early (11pm) by train. During my train journey I noticed that a 40ish man in a suit was staring at me quite a lot which creeped me out no end. I was even more creeped out when I got off the train at my station and he followed me off.

At this stage I was fairly scared but still thought that it was probably my imagination and coincidence. To be on the safe side however I called Colin and spoke loudly about being at the station and being home in 5 min, slowing down as I did so to force him ahead of me. He headed into the tunnel off the platform and turned left, so I turned right to the opposite side of the tracks. As I walked home down the road parallel to the train line I noticed someone standing on the other side of the tracks looking across at me through the fence. It was the same guy. So not my imagination after all.

Fortunately I was safe however I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have had a chance of fighting him off had he surprised me from behind.

So the moral to the story is be observant, be aware of your environment, and if you think that somethings not right trust your instinct.

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