I’m Back

I’ve been offline for just under a week now. Painful stuff! The closest I got to the internet was refusing to pay $40 for the privilege of internet access at my hotel for a day. So that explains the silence.
The reason for my absence was a friends wedding. Yes at just under 20 years old (in less than a month) I already have friends getting married. What a strange world we live in.
For all you gen xs around here this might seem somewhat confusing. Aren’t modern sophisticated women supposed to shun early marriage in favor of careers and education? Well here’s the thing. There are a hell of a lot of miserable 40-something women about who decided that they were going to have a career ahead of children and then by the time they got around to the children bit they discovered they’d dried up. So gen y are making the choice. Sure, we can be doctors, engineers, writers, academics, accountants whatever floats your boat, but we can also be mothers and wifes if we want to be.
My friend Anna has chosen to be a housewife. A housewife with a degree in communications (creative writing) but a housewife nonetheless. All Anna has ever wanted to be is a housewife, and maybe a children’s book writer if she ever gets around to it. So good luck to her.

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