Caffeine Addiction

As seems to be tradition for my exam periods I have managed to develop a nasty addiction to caffeine. So now if I don’t get a caffeinated beverage by 12pm I have a pounding headache. Fortunately I’m used to this so I’m pretty good a kicking it. There are two options

  1. Go cold turkey: 48 hours is enough to rid yourself of the addiction. Unfortunately you tend to feel like shit for 40 of those hours so its not exactly a fun way to kill the addiction.
  2. Gently, gently: the approach for those of us who aren’t masochists. Step down the intake of caffeine daily until you don’t have any at all.

Given I’m not in a particularly masochistic mood (well not when it comes to headaches anyway) I think I’ll go for the second approach.

Now where did I put my coffee…

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One thought on “Caffeine Addiction

  1. W!ll!iam December 4, 2006 / 1:35 pm

    caffine is good, just make sure you only need 2 cups a day.


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