My Desk

Given I’ve just finished setting up my desk in the new place and I haven’t messed anything up yet I decided to give you, the lovely readers, a little tour of my desk.
Note the contrast between this and the last photo I put up of my desk.


  1. A small notepad for jotting things down
  2. A photo of my grandmother when she was at school. It was given to me when I was 11 because I looked a lot like her.
  3. A photo of me and my (late) grandfather at Christmas last year. Given to me by my mother a couple of months ago after his death.
  4. My notebook which I carry around with me everywhere (well theoretically anyway) I intend to replace it with a Moleskine because I like pretty stationary.
  5. Coffee, pens, pencils, post-it notes and other paraphernalia.
  6. My GTD flowchart adapted from the one linked in a previous post to suit my particular contexts etc.
  7. Calculator and PDA
  8. My notebook – full of study notes. Look! only one project on the desk at a time! How good am I??
  9. My Fender Strat. For those who are interested its a Mexican Fender which I have been reliably informed sits between American and Jap Japanese in quality/value.
  10. A sub woofer.
  11. (Not pictured but between the chest of drawers and the desk) A Marshall Amp.

Edited: I received a rather colourful comment which I won’t publish here from someone decided to be offended by my use of ‘Jap’ in reference to a guitar. It went on to imply that only [insert racial slur against Jewish people] would use the word ‘Jap’ and asked me if I was a [insert racial slur]. Firstly I’m not Jewish so if you’re going to try to offend me you’ll have to try a little harder. Secondly the last time I heard ‘Jap’ used as a racial slur rather than an abbreviation along the lines of ‘Aussie’ was so long ago that I forgot that in some overly PC countries it is still considered one. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone

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