Cam and Des’s productivity buddy system

A while ago Cam and Des came up with a Productivity Buddy System for GTDers who frequently fall off the wagon (or who simply think they could benefit from a nagging voice every now and then). The idea was that you would call/email your productivity buddy once a week and remind each other to do weekly reviews etc

The only problem I have found with this is that it is quite easy for two people to choose the same week to fall off the wagon. This means that neither person gets a reminder.
What the system really needs is a safety net to reduce the chance of this happening. So just say each person has two productivity buddies and those two buddies are not in turn each others productivity buddy. What you end up with is a double linked chain thingy of productivity buddies. So that by helping either one of your productivity buddies you are indirectly helping everyone else.

Or maybe I’m just over-complicating things…

Anyways back to study.

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