Weekly Review

I just completed my first weekly review.

I’ve been pretty successful so far with using pen and paper so what I did for the review is go through everything I had collected this week and either decided to put it down as an action for this week or deferred it to another week by copying it across to a new page of my notebook.
I also went over my projects and added any new actions necessary to those and marked off the completed actions.

I know that my list of actions has a lot of holes in it though but I’m starting to pick them up as I go along. Using the notebook means that I can write them down immediately when I think of them rather than depending on my mind because its absolutely useless for holding that sort of information.

I also intend to implement a tickler file and have a proper inbox etc soon but I am in the process of moving house so there isn’t much point in doing that until I know exactly what my desk will be like there.

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