Blogger Beta

Seems that blogger have had a little upgrade. They’ve got a whole lot of rather nice features to allow you to edit your template in a nice drag and drop sort of environment and have added some other doodads which might come in handy at some stage. Most importantly you can still do actual HTML editing of the template if you want although you need to unhide some stuff in the template if you want to do any heavy-duty tweaking like I did (I hate that the comments thing they have set up takes you to an ugly doodad and doesn’t just show you the comments on the post page)

They’ve also added proper (ie RSS) feeds which is always handy and apparently you can add feeds to the sidebar and other nifty things I haven’t thought of a use for yet.

Anyways I decided to use this as an excuse to change my template since I could do most of it without having to bang my head against a brick wall repeatedly in HTML. I’m in a black and orange kind of mood so there you have it.

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