Productivity is not one of my strong points.
I mean I *can* do it. But its haphazard at best, and when I get depressed its the first thing to go.

I recently read Getting Things Done and it all made sense to me, I’ve tried to implement the whole system thingy but that stuff isn’t really the hard bit for me.

I now have a series of really well organized to-do lists, organized by context and with actions rather than abstract titles. That’s all good. I’ve even made sure there is as little resistance as possible to do the tasks. I know where all my material is. I have little post-it notes on all the pages in the text book that contain uni work I have to do. I’ve got the problem numbers circled so I can do the questions even if I don’t have my tute sheet with me.

But that is all useless if you then sit with the book next to you, write a title at the top of the page, write the first question number and then… Sit and stare at the book. Completely unable to get ‘into’ doing the actual work. Its ridiculous because its not a laziness thing. I am happy to work really really hard at something. Its a mood thing and in certain moods I’m a complete write-off.

Any hints???

3 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Colin October 9, 2006 / 11:53 am

    Procrastinate now!


  2. miriam October 11, 2006 / 8:03 am

    I have overactive theta in the frontal lobe (main marker of adhd) Really I should be on my meds, but its such a huge pain in the arse to actually get them


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