Look what I found

Amazing the treasure you find when you search through all your old junk. I found my old view-master from when was a kid with a whole lot of reels including these classics.
I loved these when I was a kid


Yes I know the photos are crappy, I took them through the viewfinder of the damned thing.
Also, you don’t get to see them in all their 3d brilliance because the camera only has one eye.

One thought on “Look what I found

  1. Hed Spacely September 29, 2006 / 2:14 pm

    I freakin LOVED the TMNT! But who the hell is the rabbit guy?I had a great viewfinder with Inspector Gadget and Transformers slides. It was HOT.It was really great to see you the other night. You seem really well and you look fabulous with your new hair.Catchya later Moo!Pete.


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