Finally getting things in order

I’ve been kinda overwhelmed by uni this semester as all the content has suddenly gotten alot harder than previous semesters. A combination of this, compact contact hours and actually doing work has made me neglect a whole lot of other things including the housework and blogging.
Today I’ve finally gotten around to fixing up the house a bit and trying to make a dent in the washing pile, so I figured I might as well top it all off with a blog post.
I’ve been sick last week which has been kinda good for me in a way because I got out of work and therefore an opportunity to have some ‘me’ time and just relax for a day. I thought uni was supposed to be a bludge!!
At the moment I’m kinda feeling that I dont really have time for work so I’m hoping that maybe I can cut it down to once every two weeks or something… I’m going to have to have a chat to Colin about that one but maybe we can figure something out. I certainly dont have time for the two shifts a week I was doing last semester… Does $60 a week really make all that much difference??

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