What are you doing right now.??

Cameron Reilly asked this question at the end of G’day World (26th June.
Now of course because I’m contrary I took it far too literally and said to myself ‘I’m walking home from the gym’ and felt very good about myself. But immediately after that he continued with his rant about contributing to the universe and doing something with your life so I had to think a little harder which hurt my brain a little. So I’ve decided to address all the aspects of the question that I can think of.

There are times when I think that my greatest contribution to the universe is to serve as a warning to others but then I think I should give myself a bit more credit.

At the moment my time is spent studying to become an engineer. In that career I hope to be able to make some contribution to the world, even if I am just one person in a massive team who create something that will improve the world we live in. I hope that it will also give me the skills necessary to do some aid work overseas for engineers without borders or similar organisations. Although I cannot deny that many of my motivations here are selfish. I want to earn alot of money and I want to lead teams designing things that matter to me.

I have a blog (obviously) although I don’t see how it could possibly help anyone. (Although if I simply filled it with naked pics of Miriam from there’s something about Miriam then 25% of my visitors might actually find what they came here looking for) But I promise that as soon as I have a brilliant idea of how to fix the world (so no one would have to get nailed to anything) I will write all about it right here.

I guess most importantly I’ve saved the life of a friend and in her chosen career she will save many more. Not much more to be said about that.

Still, I spend most of my time doing something stupid. Like, at the moment for example, I am having a cup of full-fat warm milk with 2 tsp of sugar in it despite the fact that I’m on a diet and lactose intolerant and so I will spend the entire night whinging to Colin about my stomach ache and how I really shouldn’t have had that warm milk.

Incidentally I have a bruise on the back of my hand from working at Coles… I keep on getting distracted and accidentally whacking myself on the back of my hand with a can of soup as I put it into a plastic bag.

So, mostly a warning to others I guess 🙂

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