Buy yourself an advertising spot on TPN

Cameron Reilly CEO of The Podcast Network and friendly neighborhood blogger is currently auctioning off advertising slots in his podcasts on ebay.

Now for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of years a podcast is an online audio/video show usually produced by independent enthusiasts and occasionally organised by a larger scale network.

The Podcast Network just so happens to be the largest independent producer of these wonderful little audio programs which you can download to your computer, ipod or other non-apple-associated-digital-media-listening-aid.

Now the major way in which podcasts differ from radio programs is that they tend to be aimed at a very narrow market, say people with a particular interest in PSPs, for example. If you happen to be selling a product which is of particular interest to a geek who has a PSP then the audience of such a podcast would be absolutely captivated by your product and there you have some highly effective marketing. Hooray!

The Podcast Network caters for a wide variety of people with very specific interests and whilst Cameron could give you a whole lot of statistics regarding numbers of listeners, the types of listeners he has etc I can personally say that I and I am sure many others have a keen interest in what he and the podcasts he produces have to say about the world so advertising with TPN is not a bad idea if you want to be on the cutting edge and appeal to an audience of enthusiastic types with a reasonable amount of disposable income.

Here is Cameron’s Audio promotion for the advertising space


Here are the auctions:
Slot #1
Slot #2
Slot #3

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