How long after injuring your thumb is it a worry that it still hurts?!?

On the 22nd of April I hurt my thumb. Colin was chasing me up the stairs trying to whoop me on the butt as you do and I went to defend myself and he accidentally bent back my thumb at a funny angle. My best bet at the time was that I had sprained it.
On the 23rd of April it was sore enough that he had to dress me… well you try doing up your fly without two opposable thumbs.
By the 24th of April I could dress myself but my thumb still hurt.
By the 30th it was sore at the extremes of mobility but not too much of a bother.

Unfortunately its stayed at that phase.

So now nearly a month after the injury I still haven’t regained full mobility… Is this a bad sign??

I’m young I’m supposed to heal faster than this!

Anyways its not an awful bother so I’ll put up with it but I’m going to be really cranky if it doesn’t get better soon. How am I supposed to play my Nintendo DS now!

One thought on “How long after injuring your thumb is it a worry that it still hurts?!?

  1. Craig May 16, 2006 / 3:32 pm

    A couple of months ago I kicked my big toe in my sleep against the wall (fun dream) bending it similar to what you describe. Your description too almost mirrors the discomfort I went through.I just checked my blog and that happened on the 13th of march. 2 months later and occasionally I still notice it but only when I really stress it. I’d give your thumb a little more time to heal but make sure you stretch it a little every now and then, I found that helped after the first month. If it swells at all some anti-inflammatories may help. Happy twiddling. 🙂


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