Falling asleep listening to the Geeks of Hazzard gives you weird dreams

Last night I was feeling somewhat sickly and tired so I went to bed early, like 10.30 early. However given it was so early I decided to listen to a couple of podcasts before I went to sleep. Halfway through an episode of The Geeks of Hazzard I fell asleep. This resulted in several hours of subliminal Geeks of Hazzard listening before Colin came to bed and tried to get the mp3 player off me whilst, startled from my unexpected awakening, my eyes darted around the room like a crazed lunatic.
The general result of this was bizarre dreams which may or may not have included bad Star Trek sound effects, a groggy awakening, and a flat battery on my mp3 player.

So if anyone saw a rather confused looking girl in black trackpants, a pink hoodie and a large empty backpack wandering around Richmond this morning that was probably me on my way to the markets, not a drug addict preparing to shoplift.

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