Goodbye sweet friend

It is sadly time to say goodbye to my friend the treo 600. Over the past 6 months I had proudly downloaded all sorts of useful apps like a uni timetable system and a diet tracker. However I have now moved on to a v3x and the phone portion of my lovely smartphone is now pointless so I will sell it 😦

Fortunately that means that I can now think about buying a new pda 🙂

I was devastated to discover that the Palm T5 is now no longer available as by my reckoning it is way better than the TX however given I have a couple of SD cards handy, its an ok substitute (and I do like the gun-metal grey) However, being an impoverished uni student I’ll have to wait until I’ve freed up some cash by selling the treo before I can afford it so I might carry the treo around for the pim functions until I find a buyer.

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