My Computer Hates Me

Over the past couple of weeks my computer has become more and more unwilling to do more than one thing at once, its lagging and occassionally freezing for a few minutes with increasing frequency much to my general distaste.

I’ve spent the past couple of hours trying to copy across all my podcasts from my C drive to my D drive only to have it first, suddenly pretend it doesnt have a D drive halfway through my podcasts, causing it to not only stop moving stuff across but also lose an episode of G’day World!!! Then on my second attempt it decided that it would freeze then abort the entire process. So now with half my podcasts on one HD and half on the other I cant start downloading any new ones without competely confusing the software and having it redownload stuff I already have.

Any further efforts tonight will probably result in me getting out an axe and giving it a reprogramming it’ll never forget so I’ve decided to leave the remainder until tomorrow morning…

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