101 Goals – Update 6

Its been a fairly sucessful month. I’m finally running regularly and I ran just short of 60km this month. I’ve been doing both the 100 pushups and the 200 situps programs. I’m getting stronger and fitter and feeling great.

Goals Completed

16. Cook a 3 course meal for a friend

53. Go to moonlight cinema

55. Organise, prepare food for and go on a picnic

Goals I’m Working Towards

9. Read 50 non-fiction books (5/50)

  • The Ghost Map, Steven Johnston
  • The Book of Dead Philosophers, Simon Critchley

56. See 25 greatest films as voted by IMDB (23/25)

75. Do 25 consecutive men’s pushups (20/25)

The way things are going with the pushups I’ll be up to 25 in the next week or so.

101 Goals – 2008 Summary

I started my 101 Goals list on the first of August 2008, just before I started my university semester. So I thought that given 2008 has drawn to a close I should do a little checkup of what I have achieved towards these goals in the past four months.

Completed Goals

13. Give blood

14. Attend a family Christmas

22. Visit Dad in Canberra

42. Remove all iPod tracks I don’t like

51. Go indoor rock climbing

52. Go to the Melbourne Museum

54. Go to the art gallery

66. Do makeup every morning for a month

73. Complete a 4km race

78. Finish in the top 50% in a 4km race

81. Average over 80 in uni classes

84. Get a High Distinction

86. Get above 90% in 5 assignments/tests

So… 13/101 down

Goals in Progress

4. Upload 250 photos to flickr (10/250)

Got plenty more of these to add when I get home from Christmas

8. Read 1984 and Animal Farm (1/2)

9. Read 50 non-fiction books (3/50)

Anais Ninn’s In Favour of the Sensitive Man and Other Essays

6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast: The Evolutionary Origins of Belief, Lewis Wolpert

Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong, Marc Hauser

20. Put all birthdays/anniversaries in my diary

27. Go to 25 Spin Classes (2/25)

30.  Go to 5 conferences/unconferences (1/5)

33. Do 5 brutal cleanouts of unnecessary clutter (1/5)

40. Organise all files on both computers and external highdrive (1/5)

46. Try 50 new recipes (3/50)

56. See 25 greatest films as voted by IMDB (19/25)

58. Write Monthly updates of 101 Goals Progress (4/33)

59. Maintain a monthly closing balance of $0 on credit card (4/33)

67. Dress up at least once a month (4/33)

72. Create blog template

90. Create an emergency fund of two months pay

101 Goals in 1001 Days Update #4


81. Average over 80 in uni classes

After a semester where I was afraid I wouldnt pass some of my subjects at all I managed a very surprising three D and one HD haul in my results.

84. Get a high distinction

Working Towards

14. Attend a Family Christmas

22. Visit Dad in Canberra

27. Go to 25 Spin Classes (2/25)

40. Organise all the files on my two computers and external harddrive (1/3)

56. See 25 Greatest Films as voted by IMDB (19/25)

72. Create Blog Template

101 Update #3

Its a little late I know but here’s my november update for my 101 goals.


13. Give Blood

really not that scary I promise. You should give it a go 🙂

42. Remove all ipod tracks I don’t like

I think I got them all. Might change my mind on some though

78. Finish in the top 50% of a 4km race

very happy with that one. Now I just need to crack 23min to get the top 25%

86. Get above 90% in 5 tests/assignments

I managed above 90% in stacks of assignments this semester including one worth 50% 🙂

Scratched off  the list entirely

28. Run the length of elwood beach on the sand 20 times

Being as I’ve moved I just don’t think it’ll happen but I have replaced it with a new shinier goal

28v2. Run a half-marathon